Promotional Props

Many large companies use various outlets for promotional purposes. Some may use traditional kinds of promotional venues, such as television, radio, and newsprint. But when

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Fake Sculpted Trees

Our sculpted trees are a combination of art, design, and engineering. Each tree is one of a kind, and custom made to fit your space

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Need Fake Rocks?

So why should you use fake foam rocks?? Well, for one, real rocks are extremely heavy and unless you have a bulldozer or fork lift

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Church Set Design

We have years of experience in Church Set design. In fact, several of our designers have worked exclusively for churches behind the scenes building props

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NASA Wind Tunnels

We have been working on building three 13ft. wind tunnels for NASA-Space Center Houston. They’re going to be used to display the way wind and

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vfTV Set Design

SmashDesign was recently hired by vfTV, a premier Vietnamese news station out of Los Angeles, to design and build a complete television set for their

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