Large 3D Printed Props

Big. Huge. Large. Enormous. Humungous. You get the idea. Whatever you want to call them, 3D-printed props are hot right now. At Smash, we offer

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Pop-Up Bar design

Pop-Up Bar Design Pop-up events have become popular in the last few years.  You might ask what is a pop-up event?  Well, a pop-up event

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viral marketing

guerrilla marketing art

Wanna get noticed, then try guerrilla marketing art… An insurance company in Milan, Italy decided to go big and create a something truly remarkable. Imagine

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dental office art

3D Props Inspire Imagination

Kids have a tendency to run and play in the most inconvenient of places, causing unfavorable glimpses and snobby glares from on-lookers. Shopping malls, doctors’

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