Discover the studio that builds interactive art to create unforgettable brand experiences. Smash Design is a 3D visual design and fabrication studio that envisions, creates, and delivers sculptures, scenery, exhibits, and environments that go far beyond advertising into the realm of pure imagination. If you can dream it, we can build it.

We collaborate with marketing agencies, production companies, event planners, corporate administrators, and art directors to build permanent and popup installations across the United States. Our calling is to create unique brand experiences that inspire wonder, excitement, and meaning via unparalleled craftsmanship and vision. At Smash Design, we build fantasies you can touch.


The unique capabilities of the Smash Design studio allow us to collaborate with some of the world’s most recognizable and inventive brands. We offer a suite of 3D design and fabrication services for one-of-a-kind events, brand activations, product launches, and installations.

Statues and Sculpture


Large art
3d foam props
Monumental art
Bronze Statues
Prop Enlargements

Themed Environments

Pediatric offices
Children’s Ministries

Retail & Exhibit Design

Store artwork and designs
Custom Displays
Store Props

Scenery & Prop Design

Faux trees
Concrete trees
Rope swings
Tree slides
Huge trees

Brand Activations

Brand activation booth
Brand Displays
Pop-up shop
 Product Enlargement Prop

Foam Letters

Custom cut letters
Styrofoam cutouts
Foam props
Foam Shapes
Foam Logos

Stage & Event Design

Stage props
Movie props
Theater props
Mardi Gras Float
Theater sets
Stage Sets

3d Signs

Commercial signs
3 dimensional billboard art
3d signage


At Smash Design, rush jobs are no problem. We work with each client to ensure that your individual needs are met, from design to fabrication to transportation and installation.

  • Collaboration & Creativity

    We brainstorm with you over your idea and then plan it out.

  • Design & Planning

    This is where we create illustrations and 3d models along with the blueprints for your project.

  • Fabrication & Assembly

    This is the fun part. We get to bring all that creativity into reality by manufacturing your project.

  • Delivery & Installation

    This is the easy part where we deliver and professionally install your project!

Meet Our Clients

Smash Design works with international brands, civic institutions, and small businesses to create one-of-a-kind art and environments.

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