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At Smash Design, we turn your vision into reality! Our highly experienced team can shape, contour, cast, sculpt, paint, and finish almost any design you can conceive of. We work with a wide variety of materials, including wood, foam, plastic, and more, to create eye-catching architectural or conceptual models you’ll be proud to show off. From 3D CAD files to drawings on napkins, we turn your designs into professional-grade prototypes and scale miniatures—or we can create completely original designs that fit your needs.


Smash Design provides individuals and organizations across the United States with unparalleled and unique concept modeling, functional prototyping, architectural modeling, terrain modeling, and hand sculpting services. When the 3D design project has been completed to your specifications, we pack it, transport it, and even assemble and install it for you if necessary. Our team has many years of experience with highly innovative and original 3D designs, and we take great pride in our distinguished portfolio of work. Everything we create is of flawless and detailed professional quality.


Smash Design can handle modeling and prototyping jobs that others can’t. We combine multiple artistic disciplines and technologies to produce functional, presentation-ready pieces that never disappoint. No matter your budget or timeline for delivery, our team is standing by to get started today. Every step of production is done in-house at our studio, and we maintain a large shop full of a wide variety of materials to best suit any job.

Need a rush order? No problem. Contact us today with the details of your project, and we’ll devise a strategy to get it done. We take pride in our rapid fast turnaround times and professional service.