Corporate Branded Props and Large Scale Models

Large companies such as Red Bull were not always such recognized companies with unmistakeable brands. But the Red Bull we all know and love is now a successful energy drink giant. Red Bull incorporates various creative marketing and advertising techniques. Some of those innovative techniques include the Red Bull Flugtag and their very distinguishable branded vehicles. Red Bull’s oversized canned drinks on top of company vehicles are props that cannot be mistaken for another company brand!


In Austin, Texas, Smash Design created a similar brand prop for popular cupcake shop, “Hey Cupcake!” People may recognize them from seeing their fleet of airstream trailers all over South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. Like Red Bull, Hey Cupcake! has enticing cupcakes created by Smash Design and placed on top of small and large delivery vans and trailers. Another brand prop Smash created for the popular bakery is a massive cupcake prop, which is truly any dessert fan’s dream come true. The cupcake prop sizes up at between four to five feet tall and the same in diameter and is placed on top of a cupcake bakery. (If only it was a real, edible, delicious treat!)


Corporate branded props and large scale models are a great marketing and advertising tool used to promote any business. The size of the brand prop alone attracts attention, but add to it color and the company’s brand, and the prop then demands the attention of potential customers.

So what kind of business do you run? Are you a pest control company? Pizza shop? Coffee roasters? A sporting goods store? Fish company? What ever kind of company you are a part of, rest assured that Smash Design can create any prop or model to ensure your company stands out, above the rest. Just call and let us smash out your awesome design!