Fun Themes, Props, and More…

There are many hotels that portray beautiful finishes and displays. In yesterday’s blog we discussed the elegance of various designs available at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. There are also other creative hotels such as the LEGOLAND California Resort. Our spotlight today shines on features that are similar to those in the very kid-friendly and kid-centered LEGOLAND Hotel.

LEGOLAND-muralWhen you arrive, a smoke breathing dragon, made out of LEGO pieces, greets you. There are LEGO walls and over 3,500 LEGO models. Murals and LEGO props are provided for guests to visually enjoy. Both serve as eye candy to enhance the experience of the thousands of visitors who walk in the lobby doors each year. (This, of course, is something Smash Design can happily do for any business.)

Another neat feature is a wall in the lobby covered with thousands of LEGO miniature models. A bicycle contraption moves left to right on the wall. The bike’s wheels are magnifying glasses, so visitors can see the many miniature models as the bicycle moves from side to side. (Can Smash create something like this? Yes!)

One main thing that draws our attention is the hotel room design. The hotel has over 250 hotel rooms and the resort offers rooms decked out in three separate themes: Pirate, Adventure, or Kingdom-themed rooms. If staying in the pirate themed room, the wooden floors are made to look like planks, with swords, gold coins, and starfish drawings scattered throughout. Walls have pirate-themed trims, pictures, props, or LEGO pieces hanging throughout. The rooms are all kid and adult friendly.

Does any of this sound like something you would like your business to look like? Themed rooms, props, murals, and sLEGOLAND-Murals-Propsculptures are all things we are live and breathe here at Smash Design. It doesn’t need to be fancy and elegant like the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, though it can be. If your business is begging for some fun, innovative new designs, call us! We can transform your business.