Do you need visually captivating, Hollywood-standard 3D scenery and props for your next show or production on an accelerated timetable? We can make it happen. Contact us today for a custom quote.

We handle large-scale, artistic production and scenery design projects for theater, television, film, and live event promotion clients across the United States. Smash Design’s earliest projects included sculpting 3D props and scenery for Troublemaker Studios’ video productions in Austin, Texas. Today, we create original and custom-ordered pieces for large and small studios and prop houses for all kinds of productions. We work with studio professionals, marketing agencies, production managers, and event planners to design and build one-of-a-kind pieces that bring incredible stories to life.

Fake tree prop


At Smash Design, we dream in three dimensions, then we bring those dreams to life. Film-ready immersive scenery and props are our specialty. Our talented artistic team can build to spec or create wholly original sculptures and props. Just tell us what you need—There’s almost nothing we can’t make! As the world’s most inventive creators of colossal art, sculpture, props, and scenery, we’re ready to design and build picture-perfect environments suitable for any shoot, production, location, or event. When the artwork is finished out to your exacting specifications, we’ll package, transport, deliver, and install it for you. When you need next-level props and scenery, it’s time to give Smash Design a call.


We handle the jobs others can’t. If you need professional-grade 3D props and scenery in a hurry, our expert sculptors are standing by to serve you. Rush jobs are no problem. Let us immerse your audience in pure imagination! Contact us today for more details or a custom quote.