Christmas Stage Designs for Churches

The set-up of a church stage has come a long way from the days of creating background themes at home. High- tech lights and smoke machines contribute to a spectacular stage, but what makes the production’s stage really stand out? The stage design. Professional set design services are  catching the attention of various church leaders across the country, including Smash Design.  Smash Design has created various church stage designs for local and national church

Many church leaders are preparing to enhance the attractiveness of  their stage around this time of the year. Thanksgiving is in a week, which marks the start of the Christmas season. This means most people are already whipping out the Christmas lights, tree decorations, and soundtracks. In many churches, this also means preparing the stage for an upcoming and incredible Christmas production.

Stage design will engulf your audience. Instead of an audience sitting in a church sanctuary, watching a Christmas play, your audience becomes a part of the play. The stage design is so realistic that the audience is transported back in time as the Christmas play goes on- They are spectators within the play itself. The audience is joining in when the three shepherds follow the northern star. They are also a part of the play when Mary and Joseph seek shelter for the night as she is going into labor. Your audience is there when Jesus is walking amongst them, when he is sharing the good news.

Realistic rocky and dirt roads, wood homes, brick or wood benches, pillars and columns are all examples of stage design props or back drops that Smash Design can create for your production.  Give us a call and let us make your Christmas production one of a kind! We promise to make this year’s production an incredible and memorable one for your church.