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Smash Design can handle any size project, within our 20,000 sqft  studio facility we have the ability to manage, fabricate and install large commercial art exhibits and props anywhere in the World.

The Smash team is composed of handpicked prop makers, sculptors, scenic artists, engineers and industrial designers. Creating and building the unusual projects for architects, developers and facility managers. We specialize in creating props, themed environments, monumental art, stage sets, children’s play areas, Exhibits, fake trees, rocks and amazing 3D signage. Our team of artists are highly experienced with artistry backgrounds in every medium and technique. Whether its a foam sculpture, metal or fiberglass statue a 20 foot character-icon, or maybe an enormous realistic tree we can build it. With over 18 years of professional experience, we can design, create and engineer anything you need.


Owned and operated by
Steven Ramirez and Ferrin Ramirez.

Steven has nearly 18 years of art fabrication experience, working on major blockbustersteven-ramirez movie sets as a prop maker and fabricator, he also worked as an Industrial designer and builder for one of NASA’s ex-Senior Robotics engineers. He has a background in CNC robotics and art fabrication.




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