At Smash Design, we specialize in bringing your imagination to life. Our team combines art, engineering, and industrial design skills to create anything you can imagine.

Started by owner/operators Steven and Ferrin Ramirez, at Smash Design, we specialize in making the fantastical part of reality. Steven is an art fabrication expert with 18 years of experience. Steven’s professional background is as a prop maker and fabricator for blockbuster movie sets, CNC robotics, and industrial design. Smash Design is our way of bringing the same level of attention to detail to the mainstream.

Steven has nearly 18 years of art fabrication experience, working on major blockbuster movie sets as a prop maker and fabricator, he also worked as an Industrial designer and builder for one of NASA’s ex-Senior Robotics engineers. He has a background in CNC robotics and art fabrication.

We work in all mediums and techniques to create:

Steven and Ferrin Ramirez

Our team consists of:

Custom to Your Project Needs

However, even if we have not tackled a similar project in the past, the Smash team can make your vision a reality.

At Smash Design, we do not believe in the impossible. We routinely handle designs that other people cannot. Our unique team means that we can combine artistry and technology. The results are functional, stunning pieces that exceed customer expectations. We handle production in-house to retain control over the entire production process. The result is an attention to detail and quality that our competitors cannot match.

We are Flexible

Looking for a smaller project? Have a tight deadline? Give us a call. We work with a variety of budgets and delivery timelines. Once we have your details, we will give you our plan to meet your project goals within the parameters you set. We offer rapid turnaround times without sacrificing quality or customer service.

Welcome to Smash Design, where the difficult is routine, and the impossible does not exist.


Smash Design can handle modeling and prototyping jobs that others can’t. We combine multiple artistic disciplines and technologies to produce functional, presentation-ready pieces that never disappoint. No matter your budget or timeline for delivery, our team is standing by to get started today. Every step of production is done in-house at our studio, and we maintain a large shop full of a wide variety of materials to best suit any job.

Need a rush order? No problem. Contact us today with the details of your project, and we’ll devise a strategy to get it done. We take pride in our rapid fast turnaround times and professional service.