Whether it's a theme park, museum exhibit, retail store, or special event, our themed environments aims to evoke emotions, tell a story, and provide a memorable and enchanting experience for all who enter.

We design and build themed environments

Smash Design uses our world-class design and sculpture skills to create immersive, 3D themed environments that transport visitors into a world of pure imagination. Whether we’re bringing your ideas to life or creating original concepts that transcend your expectations, we can design, build, transport, and install permanent and temporary themed environments that allow guests to experience rooms, cities, and even entire worlds they never before dreamed it was possible to go. We love working with with marketing agencies, brand designers, event planners, corporate administrators, and art directors to transform ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind themed environments that demand to be explored.

What are Themed Environments? 

A themed environment is a public space transformed into an atmosphere your guest doesn’t expect. A theme should be able to convey the mood of the room but simultaneously tell a story in a stylized way your guest can understand. Similary to how a really good book can paint a mental picture of where the story takes place it pushes the reader to use they’re imagination. 

For instance, a jungle themed environment could have trees, vines, animals flora, and fauna, with wooden structures for 3d signage. But combining enough of these relatable elements into your space they will flow into one cohesive theme, and your guest will understand what your intention is.

Our Themes Designs

By now you probably already have a grasp of your target audience, like if you run a children’s museum it’s obvious your targeting kids. Therefore it’s safe to you want the space to be fun, whimsical and go outside the normal constraints of how things are “supposed” to look. But if your building out a theme park or you may want to reach all ages.

The list of themes could literally go on forever because they can be created from just about any crazy idea. Provide us with the initial idea and our team of creative minds will help create a unique experience for your venue. 

How's its made?

We build everything at our shop. First we layout the design, we can either use your drawings or create scaled 3d drawings. From there our team uses state of the art CNC robotic machines to cutout the majority of the elements. Next, our skilled artisans put the finishing touches on them. All of our builds are made with premium industrial grade materials built to last. 


Film-quality immersive environments have been limited to exclusive them parks and the silver screen for too long. Smash Design, the world’s most inventive creators of colossal art, sculpture, props, and scenery, makes picture-perfect themed environments attainable for any brand, location, or event. Our experienced 3D design virtuosos turn fantastic places into real-life, interactive environments built to be explored. No project is too ambitious and no vision is too outlandish for our team! From schools and churches to restaurants, hotels, parks, museums, and entertainment attractions, we design and build tactile playgrounds for everyone across the United States.


Give your guests an experience they’ll never forget! We design, engineer, construct, transport, and install finely detailed 3D art, statues, signage, props, and immersive themed environments. We can handle rush jobs, too! Contact us today for a custom quote.