3d models for your trade show booth…

Trade shows and conferences are not anything out of the norm here in Houston. In fact, there are various wedding and special event trade shows, baby expos, gun expos, boat expos, car trade shows and conferences such as the Offshore Technology Conference every year, year-round. In many of these events, you may find that there are several booths to promote a company, product, or get-away destination.

Some booths are much more attractive than others, based on the design style of the booth display. These booths, of course, draw in more crowds since audiences and event-goers fall for the eye-candy design work. Pest control booths may display interested 3D models of bugs crawling throughout. Wedding chariot booths may display a life-size 3D Cinderella pumpkin carriage. Or perhaps a fish expedition booth displays a 3D model of a real-size, 450-pound Marlin jumping out of water…? Depending on the event, perhaps a booth displays a 3D sign of a company’s corporate brand or logo.

product-propWith Smash Design’s skill in design, 3D models, prototypes, and signage are all products of the services provided. Call us for a quote. Your event will truly stand out with our help. Your job is to simply dream up a design (or let us do that too), then we will certainly build it for you!