3D Art For Brand Activations

Today’s consumers want an experience. 3D art can give it to them. What do you want your customers to experience at your events? How do you want them to engage with your products?

Let us know, and we will develop large or small 3D art that encourages interaction. Engage with your audience in a new way. It is a great way to stand out from the competition and build brand loyalty.

Brand activations nurture the personal relationship between customers and your brand. Any intentional action you take to build a relationship with your clients could fall under that umbrella. Modern marketers describe specific events or campaigns that focus on increasing that interaction.

Brand activation should feel organic to the user. It can be challenging to create that feeling because brand activation is a very intensive process. Successful activation is hiding all that hard work from the target audience. Instead, they just get the experience. The experience triggers an emotional response, which is the foundation of their relationship with your brand.


Brand activations are wildly effective. After attending an activation, up to 98% of people indicate that they are likely to buy a brand’s products. However, you have to get people to the activation and engage them once they are there.

At Smash, we work with you or your marketing team to create fantastic brand activations. We offer custom 3d props for brand activations. 

We provide turnkey fabrication of brand activations. Some of our customers come to us with cad files and just need fabrication. We can do that. However, we also have a fantastic group of designers and artisans. Know what you need, but have no idea how to create it? 

This is a Smash Design custom exhibit

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We can handle everything from design to installation.​

We bring your brand to life and can make any size version of your characters, labels, mottos, etc.

We offer complete installation services for brand activations anywhere in the United States. It can be challenging to put together an installation. Moving parts complicate the process.

Leave the worries to us. We handle transport and installation, getting your projects installed on schedule.


There are several ways to do sample or free trial brand activations. One of the most innovative ones was when Stacy’s Pita Chips took their brand nationwide in the mid-1990s. They randomly sent samples of their pita chips around the country to people named Stacy. It was a great marketing idea. However, samples can also backfire. If you have ever dodged someone giving out free samples, you understand this. You can combine a sample campaign with other parts of brand activation to draw consumers towards you. Some companies use prominent 3D figures to attract attention so that customers come over to interact with them. Then, they reinforce the brand with free samples.


Experiential marketing creates an immersive experience for your targeted audience. You can do experiential marketing live or virtually. The critical component is that the experience is immersive.

One of our favorite experiential marketing campaigns had nothing to do with the brand’s products. Lean Cuisine set up scales at Grand Central Station in New York. However, the scales were boards where women could write down how they wanted to be weighed instead of their pounds. It was a great way of reinforcing the idea that Lean Cuisine meals could be part of a healthy life, not just weight loss. It was also everything you want in an experiential campaign. It did not interrupt people but encouraged them to interact with the display voluntarily.

We create the atmosphere and props you need for a fully experiential experience. We can do full rooms, toys, props, playlands, and more. The goal is to increase participation and interaction.

Adidas brand activation


Whether working in a retail store or your business headquarters, in-store activations reinforce the relationship between your business and your customers. You can work with the retailer in retail stores to help lead people to your products. Some stores are better suited for certain types of activations than others. You can use props to help bring attention to your in-store displays. In the early 1980s, Coors Light combined an extensive marketing campaign with brilliant in-store brand activations. Their Beerwolf campaign, which focused on Halloween, used a werewolf to market their beer. They placed life-sized 3D werewolves in several retail stores. It was one of the earliest examples of a sizeable in-store brand activation used this type of figure. With Smash, you can add a similar style to your in-store activations. We can create 3-D figures that promote your brand. Visually stunning and sure to attract attention, these figures drive people to your in-store activation booths or tables.


If you have never been to a trade show, you might think B2B marketing is dull. However, competition at trade shows can be even more intense than the competition in the retail environment. Use large visual displays to catch attention. Create experiences for your business customers. Remember, they will be your partners in helping brand your products. The more they believe in your brand, the better job they will do reinforcing it for your customers.
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Want to learn more about brand activation? Our portfolio captures some moments from some of our favorite brand activations. We are happy to collaborate and help you create perfect designs for your brand.