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Gabriel Iglesias’s Netflix Comedy Special Stage

Smash Design recently had the privilege to take on a massive scenic construction project for Gabriel Iglesias’s Netflix Comedy special. The scope of the project consisted of us custom fabricating and installing ALL the scenic elements in 4 weeks. The range of different scenic elements that each required different methods of fabrication was extremely high.  The […]

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Coca Cola Brand Experience

Coca-Cola commissioned us to build a brand experience at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The build was composed of two installations. We built a meet and greet booth for the professional cowboys to sign autographs. Coke also had us build an enormous 14-foot horseshoe that had a floating acrylic sign inside of it. The […]

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Tips on how to make a statement for your brand with public art…

Everyone wants their business to be known, right? You want it to be out there for everyone to see and talk about.  Okay, obviously I’m not referring to your personal business.  I’m referring to your company, your team and especially your brand.  Businesses can make huge statements for themselves when they have something that makes […]

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guerrilla marketing art

Wanna get noticed, then try guerrilla marketing art… An insurance company in Milan, Italy decided to go big and create a something truly remarkable. Imagine walking down the streets of New York and seeing a life-size submarine had busted up through the streets. You couldn’t get your phone out of your pocket fast enough to […]

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3D Props Inspire Imagination

Kids have a tendency to run and play in the most inconvenient of places, causing unfavorable glimpses and snobby glares from on-lookers. Shopping malls, doctors’ offices, and restaurants all become spaceships, jungles, or underwater adventures for children. The reality is, kids are told, “Don’t touch this,” or “Stay away from that” in efforts to conform […]

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3d printing and medicine

At any given point in time, there are plenty of three-dimensional prints manufactured at Smash Design. As previous blog posts mention, Smash can design anything and everything, whether 2D or 3D. For that reason, we found the following story quite interesting: Recently, a grad student made headlines with his version of a typical, everyday arm cast. Jake Evill, designed a […]

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