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Gabriel Iglesias’s Netflix Comedy Special Stage

Smash Design recently had the privilege to take on a massive scenic construction project for Gabriel Iglesias’s Netflix Comedy special. The scope of the project consisted of us custom fabricating and installing ALL the scenic elements in 4 weeks. The range of different scenic elements that each required different methods of fabrication was extremely high.  The […]

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Giant 20 Toot TV for the 2012 American Advertising Federation Addy Awards

Commissioned by the American Advertising Federation to build a 20′ television with a 1960’s feel for a Mad Men theme for their award ceremony. This television set we built was a stage display prop that actually had a real projection screen inside of it so that it would actually function like a real television.  This […]

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NASA – Planetary Foam Prop

Phew! And the planetary exhibit has been completed! Now installed for your viewing pleasure at NASA-Space Center Houston. The end product was an overall success. In hopes of educating Houston area students on the detrimental effects of pollution, we managed to fabricate a foam prop portraying a thriving, healthy planet, as well as a sickly, dying […]

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