Stage Design: Set the Tone

What makes a show like The Voice so recognizable? Brand and stage design. The show is widely recognized by the celebrity judges’ chairs that spin as they chose an artist for their team. The show’s stage is designed to look like a futuristic boxing ring, and the show’s logo is the very iconic rock star hand holding a mic while making a “peace sign” with its index and middle finger.

The Voice Stage Design

In a time when TV shows, such as The Voice, have evolved the way stage design is conceived, it seems that the stage and its surroundings set the mood and tone for the audience.

Likewise, when a theatre group is producing an upcoming play or concert, they too consider what kind of mood and tone they intend to set. Churches, award ceremonies, and other important events and venues chose to brand themselves in this way so as to be easily recognized. By having a likable brand and iconic stage design, potential customers or members can easily identify with the business or event.

Stage design tells people what the event or venue is all about without the use of a single word. Design includes a number of elements that raise a few questions:

  • How will lighting affect the props?
  • Will actors or other individuals be able to easily walk around?
  • Will sound travel differently if using large props?
  • Can special lights or other effects be added to the stage design?
  • Will the design, props, or other artwork be too distracting for the audience?

Many of these questions come up when Smash Design is dreaming up another stage-related project. Let your design speak for you- take advantage of a little design help. has a stage design article that mentions elementary advice, such as avoiding clutter and sticking to a dark background. However, their third point is incredibly important: Decoration- “Without decoration, your stage will look cold and flat.” we agree here at Smash!