7 Benefits of 3D Props in Marketing

7 Benefits of 3D Props in MarketingWhat’s great is that any business can use 3D props in their in-store, print, and online marketing to achieve the same effect.

If you want to learn more about turbocharging your brand using 3D props, check out these seven benefits marketing props bring.




1. Cheaper and Easier Development

Using 3D props in marketing is not a new concept. People have been using sculptures and mock-ups in photos and as live displays for decades at this point. But in the past, it was too risky for most businesses to even think about.

Back then, you either had to design your idea on paper or describe your vision to a sculptor. The next step is to hope that the end product works and is aligned with your vision and with the public’s sensibilities. This is often the reason many old marketing photos look so awkward.

You can now have a designer render your plan over a virtual version of your store or stall using 3D modeling. You can fix all the bugs without having to prototype any physical objects.

2. Modern 3D Props Offer Great Versatility

In the olden days, if you wanted an environment or a sculpture that looked metallic, you needed to use some form of actual metal. Technology to make this easier improved throughout the 20th century, and today it’s easier than ever because of 3D printing.

If you don’t have the cash to make an expensive, all-metal suit of armor or spaceship environment, you can simply make the shapes you need out of print plastic and spray it with metallic paint. If you want to put metal plating over a lightweight frame, you can print a frame that’s easy to move around and hook things onto using the same technology.

Modern 3D printers also offer you endless varieties of shapes to use. If you want a different kind of finish, simply make that outer layer separately and stick it over the 3D-printed skeleton.

3. 3D Printing is Cheaper

Human sculptors (that are worth hiring) go to art school or art school equivalents for years of training. After that, commissioning them to make a sculpture or design a landscape involves paying for the materials, expertise, and tens (or even hundreds) of hours they spend making the product.

Conversely, any 3D-printed sculpture only requires the materials, electricity, and a tiny bit of oversight. Further than that, the printer just runs on its own, meaning you save a ton on man-hours.

Those savings can then be passed on to other elements of your marketing strategy or re-invested into other parts of your business.

4. 3D Printing is Faster

Additionally, 3D printers can work at times when regular sculptors and artists would be sleeping, eating, or taking time off work. With good enough schematics and technicians, you can leave a 3D printer to print overnight and have at least some of the project done by the next morning. They also work at a steady pace and only “take time off” when they need repairs or to be reloaded.

There will always be humans overseeing these design and crafting processes. That’s what gives the sculptures and environments their lifelike flair. However, the element of automation makes jobs go much faster than they did before 3D printing.

5. 3D Props Open Up New Avenues for Marketing

Pictures are flashier than mere words, but sculptures are even better than pictures. Using 3D props in your marketing allows you to make impacts and statements that mere print media or web pages can’t match. You can use marketing ideas such as guerilla marketing to make your brand stand out.

Having life-sized (or bigger) renderings of your products, mascots, or environments also turns your storefront or stall into an experience of its own. In most cases, that means that even if people leave without so much as a business card, the memory of your brand will stand above the rest in their minds.

6. 3D Props Can Be Massed-Produced

On our last point, imagine if, instead of a business card, prospective customers got to take home a figurine. With 3D printing, marketing props can be cheaply mass-produced for such purposes.

If you sell wedding dresses, why not order a bunch of small cake models with your business’s contact details on the bottom? You can then distribute them at a low cost to anyone who even thinks of walking into your store. This idea can be adapted for any business, from aerospace engineering to a car wash.

7. 3D Props Are Highly Customizable

One of the best things about 3D props is that the array of available shapes and sizes is virtually unlimited. With precise printing and a human touch, you can make small types of props that are also greatly detailed.

You also don’t have to worry about your vision being bigger than the printer. With expertise in modular design, we’ll simply build your model in stages and then assemble it when it’s done, no problem.

Use the Best Marketing Techniques Today

Having an environment that springs to life can go a long way in making your store or exhibition captivate future customers. Having great quality 3D props as part of that environment is crucial to pulling this type of marketing off, and there are many benefits this can bring to your business.

Modern techniques have made these endeavors cheaper, more precise, faster, and more customizable than ever before. The magic of these creative marketing ideas is also preserved by the dedicated staff who oversee the creation of all our clients’ 3D prop ideas.

If you’re looking for a skilled and dedicated team to help bring your next marketing campaign to life with 3D models, contact us today.