Large 3D Printed Props

Big. Huge. Large. Enormous. Humungous. You get the idea.

Whatever you want to call them, 3D-printed props are hot right now. At Smash, we offer a full range of large 3D props. Use them for stage productions to brand activations, and even personal decorations. However you want to use them, Smash can create them for you.

Oversized 3D Printed Props

Sitting in the audience, have you ever thought about the size of stage props? They are often larger than life because, otherwise, they would get lost on the stage. If you need an oversized piece, we can help. We can design it and build it for you. We also work with your specifications. Not sure where to get started? Try bringing in the real-life version of the prop.

Retail Store 3D Printed Statutes

Are you looking for an oversize prop for retail store displays or other brand activations? We have you covered. We can create giant statues or figures for you. Some customers like oversized versions of their products. A six-foot-tall jar of ketchup will undoubtedly catch the eye! Others want our help creating themes or lifelike “spokespeople” for their advertising campaigns. Whatever you want, we can craft it.

Creating Oversized Props

At Smash, we use various techniques to create our large sculptures. We work in

  • Foam
  • Bronze
  • Concrete
  • Plaster
  • Styrofoam
  • Resin
  • And more!

One of the most popular methods is 3D printing. We have industrial-sized 3D printers that are capable of fabricating projects. In terms of size, the sky is the limit. Well, there is no limit. Our 3D printers give us the capability to print projects in unlimited dimensions.

Benefits of 3D Printing

Many of our customers love our 3D-printed props. 3D printing is faster and more affordable than most other forms of sculpture. That is because the process eliminates much of the physical labor. Instead of turning a lump of material into a finished form, we print the form. After that, we customize with paint and other decorations, but the 3D printing cuts down on the overall labor.

It also cuts down on costs. Traditional sculpture mediums are often expensive (bronze) or less sturdy (styrofoam). 3D printers can use various materials to create the finished product. Most of these materials are very affordable.


One of the best things about 3D printing is its precision. We can create a sculpture to your exact specifications. Even better, we can duplicate it as many times as you need. If you want an identical giant sculpture for every HEB in the Houston area, 3D printing lets us do that.


3D printing allows us to use your CAD files to bring your vision to life. But what if you have not completed the design? No problem. We specialize in creating these fantastic pieces for you. Our design team can work with you, even if it means starting from scratch.


The digital marketplace has made it easy for people to access things that were once considered exclusive. You can get personalized products with the click of a button. That is great, but it has also increased expectations. What used to be a grand gesture has become an everyday expectation.

At Smash, our large 3D sculptures let you elevate your game. Exceed expectations and blow people’s minds with oversized props or images.

Many people think of us as a commercial business. We love our commercial customers. But we are more affordable than most people realize. People can use our 3D sculptures for a whole range of personal uses.

For example, are you proposing? Do you know what kind of ring she wants? If not, why risk getting the wrong one? Instead, surprise her with a gigantic replica diamond ring. You get points for a creative, original proposal. Then, you can go shopping together for the actual ring.

Are you celebrating a quince or sweet sixteen? Surprise the birthday kid with a lifesize cutout of them.

While we can do colossal work, not all of our work is oversized. Have a unique anniversary approaching? Consider celebrating with a wedding cake and custom topper. We can render a statue that looks like you two did on your wedding day.

Those are just a few examples of how people can use our designs every day. We offer fantastic plans, enduring products, top-notch customer service, and affordable pricing. So, keep us in mind for personal projects, not just business ones.


Another great thing about 3D printing is that it is fast. For a successful 3D print, we need a good computer model (CAD) matched with the correct printer and suitable material. Once we have those elements, the print itself does not take very long. That is true even for large sculptures. So we can meet short deadlines. 3D printing lets us meet deadlines that would have been impossible before that technology. Contact us even if you think we cannot meet your deadline. You might be surprised at how short our turnaround time can be!


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