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Guerrilla Marketing art how to create something big...

Wanna get noticed, then try guerrilla marketing art…

An insurance company in Milan, Italy decided to go big and create a something truly remarkable.

Imagine walking down the streets of New York and seeing a life-size submarine had busted up through the streets. You couldn’t get your phone out of your pocket fast enough to take a picture and post it. But something this awesome would probably cause your friends to come see it for themselves.street marketing

In reality building, something like this is not that difficult of a task. The entire submarine can easily be constructed from foam, hard-coated and finished with a faux metal paint job. Then haul in some dirt and make some fake broken concrete slabs with rebar sticking out and then finish the scene with some props like a SUV or something, to help finance such a large stunt you could even partner up with an automaker who might want to display their rugged new vehicle… 




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