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Tips on how to make a statement for your brand with public art…

Everyone wants their business to be known, right? You want it to be out there for everyone to see and talk about.  Okay, obviously I’m not referring to your personal business.  I’m referring to your company, your team and especially your brand.  Businesses can make huge statements for themselves when they have something that makes […]

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NASA – Planetary Foam Prop

Phew! And the planetary exhibit has been completed! Now installed for your viewing pleasure at NASA-Space Center Houston. The end product was an overall success. In hopes of educating Houston area students on the detrimental effects of pollution, we managed to fabricate a foam prop portraying a thriving, healthy planet, as well as a sickly, dying […]

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NASA Earth Exhibit Sculpture

We’ve been asked by NASA-Space Center Houston to construct a huge planetary exhibit. The exhibit will display a “good”, healthy planet and a contrasting, “bad”, over-polluted planet in order to help education students of the Exploration Academy on the effects of over-pollution. To achieve the most realistic look, we have decided to carve this sculpture […]

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