Tips on how to make a statement for your brand with public art…

Everyone wants their business to be known, right? You want it to be out there for everyone to see and talk about.  Okay, obviously I’m not referring to your personal business.  I’m referring to your company, your team and especially your brand.  Businesses can make huge statements for themselves when they have something that makes them well known such as public art, landmark, large signage, statues, eye candy, etc. Any of these things can give a company the one thing that can boost any companies business, they create something REMARKABLE. What does being remarkable mean? Author Seth Godin says this “if something is remarkable, it means it’s worth literally making a remark over. People are going to talk about it.”

james harden brandLarger than life props, brand activation‘s, themed environments, signage, 3d fabrication, giant foam letters, numbers and custom displays are just some of the ways that you can make a statement with your companies brand and give everyone a way to remember you or make you the topic of their discussion.

When you have a statement piece to identify your brand/company your customers will start marketing for you.  These days we all know everyone loves to post selfies and pics with their friends on social media.  They love to show where they’re at and brag about cool things they’ve seen that maybe you haven’t.  large-letters-brandingNever fails, how many times a day does someone take a picture with the LOVE letters in New York and post it, the Las Vegas sign or pretty much any hotel in Las Vegas, landmarks throughout the United States.  If you are walking into a golf tournament and there is a golf ball larger than you, how many people do you think are going to stop and take a picture.  People love taking pictures of unique things you don’t get to see everyone.

So, make your company different! Make a statement!  Put 20’ foam letters in the middle of a high pedestrian traffic area, in the parking lot of a store with high traffic or in the middle of a trade show convention floor.  Stand out so that your company/brand can be the topic of conversation!