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Tips on how to make a statement for your brand with public art…

Everyone wants their business to be known, right? You want it to be out there for everyone to see and talk about.  Okay, obviously I’m not referring to your personal business.  I’m referring to your company, your team and especially your brand.  Businesses can make huge statements for themselves when they have something that makes […]

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3D Mars Sign at NASA Space Center

Building 3D letters to create a free standing sign for the MARS public exhibit at NASA Space Center. We went a different route for this project. We used premium marine grade lumber pressure treated to survive complete water submersion without rotting or warping. It also added a lot of weight so they could free stand […]

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Elephant Sculpture

This huge elephant statue was sculpted from foam, fiberglass hard coated, then detailed with fun colors for the front office at a kids dental office.  What a sight to be greeted with this giant, whimsical elephant when you first enter the office.  If this doesn’t put smile on your face at the dentist, then I […]

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