dental office art

3D Props Inspire Imagination

Kids have a tendency to run and play in the most inconvenient of places, causing unfavorable glimpses and snobby glares from on-lookers. Shopping malls, doctors’

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Children’s Ministry Design

Throughout the many years, the traditional children’s ministry has evolved in teaching method and design. One Smash Design worker remembers her time in church as

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Las Vegas Hotel Design

Las Vegas Hotel Designs Las Vegas: Sin City and the gambling capital of the world. Las Vegas: The entertainment capital of the world. And… ah

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Fake Sculpted Trees

Our sculpted trees are a combination of art, design, and engineering. Each tree is one of a kind, and custom made to fit your space

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Church Set Design

We have years of experience in Church Set design. In fact, several of our designers have worked exclusively for churches behind the scenes building props

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