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A Legendary Team of Master Artisans

Our skill and experience is why we were commissioned by NASA Space Center to build large, multifunctional exhibit displays, which now serve multiple purposes for the general public. We also had the great pleasure of building a scaled replica of the MSL Curiosity Rover that was displayed during the landing celebration party.

Not only this, we do so much more! At Smash Design, we merge traditional art techniques and materials with today’s cutting edge technology. If you want your business to be the talk of the town, invest in Smash Design!

If  you can dream it, we can build it!

Our Services Include:

3D Prototyping and Model Making

Not quite ready for the 4th dimension? We offer 3D digital sculpting, 3D laser Scanning, and fabrication of 3D scannable maquettes/models.

3D Signs
Lacking the WOW factor? Get your business noticed! We design, engineer, and construct custom 3-dimensional signage and props for billboards, store facades, landmark signs, and character signs.

Architectural Design Services

From ordinary to EXTRAordinary! We create large-scale sculptural designs for both interior and exterior applications, including concrete counter tops, finishes, decorative surfaces, murals, millwork, faux finishes, and Italian plasters.

Exhibits, Displays, and Public Scenic Decoration

We design, fabricate, and install retail displays, trade show booths, and premium exhibits for museums, theme parks, shopping malls, and more. No project is impossible for us!

Stage Sets & Displays
Need a creepy crawler for a movie set? How about a giant space ship? Smash Design’s impressive designs have graced the sets of major motion picture productions and are visible on television studio sets. Our scenery designs and props are also used for theatrical venues and concerts. In short- We bring Hollywood to you!

Themed Environments

Three dimensional, interactive, highly tactile themed environment designs are available  for restaurants, playscapes, shopping malls, churches, pediatric dental/medical waiting rooms or lobby areas, and children’s environments. Our themed environments create an atmosphere that is exciting and very comfortable for children. They will beg their parents to take them back your business!

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