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3D Props Inspire Imagination

Kids have a tendency to run and play in the most inconvenient of places, causing unfavorable glimpses and snobby glares from on-lookers. Shopping malls, doctors’ offices, and restaurants all become spaceships, jungles, or underwater adventures for children. The reality is, kids are told, “Don’t touch this,” or “Stay away from that” in efforts to conform […]

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Elephant Sculpture

This huge elephant statue was sculpted from foam, fiberglass hard coated, then detailed with fun colors for the front office at a kids dental office.  What a sight to be greeted with this giant, whimsical elephant when you first enter the office.  If this doesn’t put smile on your face at the dentist, then I […]

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Jungle Theme for Dental Office

  3d sculptures made for a dental office. A giraffe and a cougar were made to be hung above the dental office reception desk along with several other 3-D themed items.  These almost give you a Dr. Seuss character feel.  Children will remember more of the experience of the environment and put them at ease […]

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