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Rhino Sculpture for Safari Theme

Large sculpture bust of a rhino. We sculpted this big creature out of foam then hard coated him with a resin fiberglass mixture. Next he will be prepped for airbrushing. The idea behind this animal is to mount his head onto the wall as if he is busting through a brick wall.  Check out the […]

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Elephant Sculpture

This huge elephant statue was sculpted from foam, fiberglass hard coated, then detailed with fun colors for the front office at a kids dental office.  What a sight to be greeted with this giant, whimsical elephant when you first enter the office.  If this doesn’t put smile on your face at the dentist, then I […]

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Jungle Theme for Dental Office

  3d sculptures made for a dental office. A giraffe and a cougar were made to be hung above the dental office reception desk along with several other 3-D themed items.  These almost give you a Dr. Seuss character feel.  Children will remember more of the experience of the environment and put them at ease […]

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