Project Spotlight: Creating a Colossal Houston Astros 2022 World Series Ring

One of the biggest symbols of success in American sports is the World Series Championship ring! Given to every member of major league baseball’s best team every year, this unique, diamond-encrusted jewelry takes a lifetime of hard work and a month of good luck to earn. Most pro athletes would kill for one! 

The Houston Astros organization contacted Smash Design to provide a monumental replica of the team’s 2022 World Series ring for fans to interact with at games. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to create something this cool! 

An Idea Takes Shape

The journey started with a simple concept: creating a massive 3D prop to commemorate the Houston Astros’ championship success. The project pitched to us was an awe-inspiring, colossal World Series Ring to be displayed outdoors at the ballpark next to the team’s 2017 World Series ring sculpture. (Guess who made that one, too!) 

Our goal was to design a ring that would become an interactive representation of the Astros’ victory—something that would put smiles on fans’ faces and become a shared, treasured memory for years to come.

The Design Process

We started with the existing design of the Astros’ 2022 World Series ring. To ensure precision and perfection, advanced 3D modeling techniques were employed. We created a digital model of the ring in AutoCAD that we could then manipulate and sculpt as needed. Each detail was meticulously designed — the Astros logo, every solitaire, and the shank symbolizing the team’s journey. 

There was continuous collaboration between our team and the Astros organization, allowing us to create something we knew they would love. Keeping closely to the team’s brand guidelines was our first priority.

Astros Ring 3D model

The Production Phase

Our skilled fabricators translated the 3D models into real-world, large-scale models. Leveraging our expertise in large 3D prop production, we utilized the state-of-the-art equipment to achieve precise details that add authenticity. 

A mix of traditional handcrafting skills and high-tech 3D printing mechanisms ensured that every tiny element was well attended. We applied paint and sealant very carefully. After countless hours, the giant concrete structure was ready to awe the audience. We put it on wheels so it could be moved around easily to many different Astros events.

Unveiling the Colossal Creation

Revealing this massive, artistic marvel at Houston’s iconic Minute Maid Park was a spectacle in itself. Everyone loves a winner, and because our team was able to create such a high-quality metallic sculpture of the championship ring, we delivered an outdoor marketing experience that not just the fans, but the players and the entire city can appreciate for years to come. 

Smash Design Called Game

Creating the Colossal Houston Astros 2022 World Series Ring has been an incredible journey of creativity, collaboration, innovation, and dedication. It showcased our core capabilities — brand understanding, attention to detail, utilization of advanced technology, and craftsmanship.

At Smash Design, we are always ready for the next big challenge. If you have a monumental idea brewing, reach out to us. Together, we can smash it!