Pop-Up Bar design

Pop-Up Bar Design

Pop-up events have become popular in the last few years.  You might ask what is a pop-up event?  Well, a pop-up event is a unique event that is open to the public and is normally hosted temporarily in retail spaces.  There are also pop-up bars as well as pop-up shops.  Typically, a pop-up event offers multiple photo-ops for customers willing to pay the entry fee for some fun, unique photos with their besties!  A fun pop-up event we were part of 2 years ago was Tacotopia.

We built everything your Taco Tuesday heart could imagine.  From a salsa bowl foam pit, to taco teeter totter, avocado chairs, a lime swing and spinning tostado bowl you could not just enjoy taco Tuesday you could become taco Tuesday.

For the last several months we have been part of a pop-up bar.  A local event company rented out for a year a bar that had shut down after not being able to stay afloat during covid.  The owner of the event company had a dream of hosting new themed events every 4-6 weeks.  So, since October 2020 we have just recently completed the 4th themed event of the year.  Every time the theme changes so does every color of paint on the walls (and sometimes ceilings) on this huge 2 story building.  We have helped with her Harry Potter theme, Christmas, The Office and most recently Mardi Gras/Valentines.  With each theme comes lots of new ideas.  Harry Potter had a massive spider to take a picture, then moving on to Christmas with candy all over the walls, a huge Gingerbread man popping out of the ceiling and a special designed Santa’s chair for social distancing with Santa.  During ‘The Office’ theme you could make that dream come true of sitting behind Pam’s desk.  Or, if you had that childhood dream that I had of throwing beads from a float at Mardi Gras you can do that on our float built just for Krewe De Plethora.

Making our clients visions and dreams come true can sometimes be challenging but most definitely worth the fun.  Seeing the looks on their faces and a lot of times hearing their screams when they see it all finished and come together is the most rewarding part.