Mars Curiosity Rover Model For NASA Space Center

msl scaled model, NASA JPL Rover

  Space Center Houston recently asked us to design and construct a scaled version of the MSL Rover dubbed Curiosity. In order to construct this within the short time frame we had to procure a full 3d MSL model. We then began dissecting it down to the core components. The engineering behind this sci-fi robot is a modern day marvel.

Our model will be dropped down from the sky outside on NASA Space Centers Mars yard which we also built last year, it will happen during the infamous 7 minutes of terror due to the communication lag that engineers at JPL must undergo as they wait nervous wrecks for confirmation that MSL Curiosity touched down safely.

We will update this shortly with the progress, this first picture is just one of the 6 complex wheel linkages we have to reverse engineer, luckily it doesn’t have to meet JPL standards…