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EIFS and EPS Foam Molding


Is your company or home in need of luxurious and beautiful trims, columns, brick, or stone moldings? Consider the use of EIFS or EPS foam moldings for your needs.

Exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) is commonly used on the exterior walls of a building. It provides waterproof surfaces and will also insulate the surfaces. Some may refer to it as “synthetic stucco” molding, though it is not actually a stucco material. EIFS is airy, has foam plastic padding, and thin synthetic coatings. It has been applied to the exteriors of various commercial buildings, rendering a gorgeous and clean, sophisticated finish.

Are you questioning whether you have seen this exterior finish before? Next time you pull into a Krispy Kreme or Cheesecake Factory, take a look at their polished front entrance. Or, perhaps drive down the million dollar neighborhoods and take a glimpse at the exterior of homes there. Ever notice how smooth and perfect their outdoor walls seem? Amazing, we know.

EPS foam is a different material that produces beautiful work as well. EPS foam can be cut into any shape, which makes it the perfect material to use when designing custom frames or trims. It is also extremely lightweight. Once it has been hard-coated and painted, the EPS foam renders a beautiful finished product.

Note: Not only can these elegant items be created with EPS foam. A 3D CNC can easily cut out any designs. The router produces pieces that, when put together, create any shape needed- elephants, lions, cars, baseball bats, or trees- the possibilities are endless with EPS foam.

So, if you are a business owner looking for the kind of remodeling that will take your customers’ eyes off of your competitor…or if you are one of those classy neighbors in the gorgeous million dollar homes, looking for a way to complete your dream home… Then call us. We can do anything and everything.


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