Creating the ‘Bugdroid’ Sculpture for the Google Android 14 Launch Party!

At Smash Design, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, and even bring some of the most recognizable mascots and characters to life! When we’re given the chance to create something that will be instantly recognized by a pretty massive chunk of the world’s population, we go all-out to ensure that it’s a 3D design that looks too impressive to be real.

We’ve just completed an out-of-this-world sculpture for none other than the global tech titan, Google! Yes, you read that right—for the grand launch party of Google Android 14 (coming soon to a phone near you), the Android team asked us to design and deliver an thrilling visual centerpiece: a bigger-than-life Android mascot celebrating the spirit of innovation and transformation that Google is known for.

From Digital Dream to Tangible Triumph

Creating this real-life Android wasn’t exactly a stroll through the Play Store. It was an intricate process involving strategic planning, expert craftsmanship, and some serious creative wizardry. But as they say in Silicon Valley, “innovate or become irrelevant”—and at Smash Design, we’re big believers in the former. So we brainstormed, sketched, and prototyped our way into turning Google’s digital AI assistant into a head-standing, break-dancing presence in the real world. 

3D modeling the Android sculpture

Artists Meet Algorithms

We started, fittingly enough, by Googling the Bugdroid—Android’s iconic, green mascot. We looked at tons of 2D and 3D images of Bugdroid in order to pick out what was most familiar and recognizable in the design so we could replicate that into our massive sculpture. We wanted to create a pose for Bugdroid that would be wild, eye-popping, and photo-worthy to make the art piece a memorable part of the Google Android 14 launch party. We settled on an action pose atop an upside down cake—Google’s codename for the Android 14 project.

We couldn’t get TOO wild, of course—everything we created had to conform to Android’s brand style guide, which dictates the precise colors and boundaries the Bugdroid must be presented in to stay true to the Android brand. That’s always our top priority when working on a piece for a big brand activation like this. 

To design the sculpture, we used software that enables sculptors like us to visualize our concepts in 3D space. The deceptively intricate Android mascot’s blueprint began to take shape within our virtual digital workshop.

Next came the physical manifestation. While we didn’t have any *actual* androids on hand to help us craft this piece, we did have some very handy robots: large-scale CNC arms from KUKA. Our team programmed our helpful robots to begin carving sections of the sculpture in one of our favorite materials: styrofoam. 

Sanding the foam sculpture

Next, our talented craftsmen brought their extensive expertise to bear, transforming the rough shape into a life-sized testament to Android’s progress. From polishing the finer details to ensuring that mossy-green hue was just right, the whole team poured their love and dedication into this magnificent creation.

And there it was—a stunning, one-of-a-kind, lustrous green sculpture that not only “stood out,” but stood on its hand in tribute to Google Android 14’s first birthday party!

Join the Celebration!

So there you have it, a behind-the-scenes tour of creating the Google Android 14 sculpture, just in time for its launch party. Our team transported the sculpture to Google headquarters—a/k/a the Googleplex—in Mountain View, California, and installed it. It now stands as a testament to Android’s latest stride into the future and a real-life example of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of 3D design.

Remember friends, creativity is like a software update—it keeps things interesting, eliminates bugs, and paves the way for greatness. So, roll up your sleeves, fire up your imagination, and let’s create something awe-inspiring together!

Until the next slice of Smash Design awesomeness, keep pushing pixels and setting those trends. We’ll be there to back you up!