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Gaming Boards and Exhibits

Gaming Boards and Exhibits


Corporate events are filled with suits and speakers on a stage. Occasionally, you may spot a few banners or cutouts. But… How often will you spot a Plinko board on a corporate stage? Modern corporate events include engaging presentations such as a speed painter or an entertaining game of Plinko. Smash Design offers to design and create game design boards for any corporate events, and more!

Gaming and trade show displays can be created from many materials, including ABS plastic or aluminum. A recent Smash Design project for a client conference was created using aluminum material. We printed designs directly on sheets of aluminum then assembled the pieces. The end result? Two fun games of Cliff Hangers and Plinko!

GameBoard-CliffHagers GameBoard-Plinko

If you are a fun loving, adventure-seeking individual, you may have taken note of elaborate, larger than life gaming displays like these on your last trip to a casino, trade show, theme park, or expo. However, if you were a homebody, it wouldn’t take much for you to catch a glimpse of one of these large game boards:


 Wheel of Fortune. The Price is Right. Jeopardy. Family Feud. Let’s Make a Deal.


These classic televised game shows have many things in common. Most include some kind of wacky, cartoonish game board display or props that are used during the game. Wheel of Fortune features a colorful, massive, 2D spinning wheel while The Price Is Right features a 3D version. The Price is Right also features many games, such as Plinko, Punch a Bunch, or Cliff Hangers, that contestants play in order to win X amount of money or prizes.

Gaming boards offer excitement and a fun element to any event or occasion. Why not let Smash Design work to create your perfect gaming board or exhibit display?

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