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Smash Design is a company serving all industries we create and build the one of a kind pieces, custom designs, and monumental art that no one else has. Our knowledge of tomorrows 3d cnc technology combined with old world and traditional art methods allows us to enginner the impossible. Whether you need set design, a custom prop for your company, a new 3d sign outside of your retail store or a themed environment for your new dental office. Smash Design has the solution.

Promotional Props

Many large companies use various outlets for promotional purposes. Some may use traditional kinds of promotional venues, such as television, radio, and newsprint. But when you are a large company like Reliant Energy, you tend to find more creative ways to promote your company name.

Smash Design is the type of company that transforms your company name into something recognizable and likable. Recently, Reliant Energy needed props to promote their business somehow during the Houston Rockets games. Together, we came up with several promotional items that screamed “Reliant.” Smash Design created different promotional props with different uses for Reliant to use during the Houston Rockets games.

The first prop is a massive center court mat with the company name and logo.


The second, is a life size figure of an NBA defender running while dribbling the ball. The silhouette has a clear inside with the Reliant Energy logo placed on the defender’s chest.



The last promotional prop is a “game” created for select guests to play during halftime.

Below is the mock-up illustration, followed by the final product.






If your company is in need of a few promotional props to showcase your business, give us a call!

Christmas Stage Designs for Churches

Christmas Stage Designs for Churches

The set-up of a church stage has come a long way from the days of creating background themes at home. High- tech lights and smoke machines contribute to a spectacular stage, but what makes the production’s stage really stand out? The stage design. Professional set design services are  catching the attention of various church leaders across the country, including Smash Design.  Smash Design has created various church stage designs for local and national church leaders.

Many church leaders are preparing to enhance the attractiveness of  their stage around this time of the year. Thanksgiving is in a week, which marks the start of the Christmas season. This means most people are already whipping out the Christmas lights, tree decorations, and soundtracks. In many churches, this also means preparing the stage for an upcoming and incredible Christmas production.

Stage design will engulf your audience. Instead of an audience sitting in a church sanctuary, watching a Christmas play, your audience becomes a part of the play. The stage design is so realistic that the audience is transported back in time as the Christmas play goes on- They are spectators within the play itself. The audience is joining in when the three shepherds follow the northern star. They are also a part of the play when Mary and Joseph seek shelter for the night as she is going into labor. Your audience is there when Jesus is walking amongst them, when he is sharing the good news.

Realistic rocky and dirt roads, wood homes, brick or wood benches, pillars and columns are all examples of stage design props or back drops that Smash Design can create for your production.  Give us a call and let us make your Christmas production one of a kind! We promise to make this year’s production an incredible and memorable one for your church.


Corporate Branded Props and Large Scale Models

Large companies such as Red Bull were not always such recognized companies with unmistakeable brands. But the Red Bull we all know and love is now a successful energy drink giant. Red Bull incorporates various creative marketing and advertising techniques. Some of those innovative techniques include the Red Bull Flugtag and their very distinguishable branded vehicles. Red Bull’s oversized canned drinks on top of company vehicles are props that cannot be mistaken for another company brand!


In Austin, Texas, Smash Design created a similar brand prop for popular cupcake shop, “Hey Cupcake!” People may recognize them from seeing their fleet of airstream trailers all over South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. Like Red Bull, Hey Cupcake! has enticing cupcakes created by Smash Design and placed on top of small and large delivery vans and trailers. Another brand prop Smash created for the popular bakery is a massive cupcake prop, which is truly any dessert fan’s dream come true. The cupcake prop sizes up at between four to five feet tall and the same in diameter and is placed on top of a cupcake bakery. (If only it was a real, edible, delicious treat!)


Corporate branded props and large scale models are a great marketing and advertising tool used to promote any business. The size of the brand prop alone attracts attention, but add to it color and the company’s brand, and the prop then demands the attention of potential customers.

So what kind of business do you run? Are you a pest control company? Pizza shop? Coffee roasters? A sporting goods store? Fish company? What ever kind of company you are a part of, rest assured that Smash Design can create any prop or model to ensure your company stands out, above the rest. Just call and let us smash out your awesome design!

Gaming Boards and Exhibits

Gaming Boards and Exhibits


Corporate events are filled with suits and speakers on a stage. Occasionally, you may spot a few banners or cutouts. But… How often will you spot a Plinko board on a corporate stage? Modern corporate events include engaging presentations such as a speed painter or an entertaining game of Plinko. Smash Design offers to design and create game design boards for any corporate events, and more!

Gaming and trade show displays can be created from many materials, including ABS plastic or aluminum. A recent Smash Design project for a client conference was created using aluminum material. We printed designs directly on sheets of aluminum then assembled the pieces. The end result? Two fun games of Cliff Hangers and Plinko!

GameBoard-CliffHagers GameBoard-Plinko

If you are a fun loving, adventure-seeking individual, you may have taken note of elaborate, larger than life gaming displays like these on your last trip to a casino, trade show, theme park, or expo. However, if you were a homebody, it wouldn’t take much for you to catch a glimpse of one of these large game boards:


 Wheel of Fortune. The Price is Right. Jeopardy. Family Feud. Let’s Make a Deal.


These classic televised game shows have many things in common. Most include some kind of wacky, cartoonish game board display or props that are used during the game. Wheel of Fortune features a colorful, massive, 2D spinning wheel while The Price Is Right features a 3D version. The Price is Right also features many games, such as Plinko, Punch a Bunch, or Cliff Hangers, that contestants play in order to win X amount of money or prizes.

Gaming boards offer excitement and a fun element to any event or occasion. Why not let Smash Design work to create your perfect gaming board or exhibit display?

3D models for Trade Show displays and Expo Booths.

Trade shows and conferences are not anything out of the norm here in Houston. In fact, there are various wedding and special event trade shows, baby expos, gun expos, boat expos, car trade shows and conferences such as the Offshore Technology Conference every year, year-round. In many of these events, you may find that there are several booths to promote a company, product, or get-away destination.


Some booths are much more attractive than others, based on the design style of the booth display. These booths, of course, draw in more crowds since audiences and event-goers fall for the eye-candy design work. Pest control booths may display interested 3D models of bugs crawling throughout. Wedding chariot booths may display a life-size 3D Cinderella pumpkin carriage. Or perhaps a fish expedition booth displays a 3D model of a real-size, 450-pound Marlin jumping out of water…? Depending on the event, perhaps a booth displays a 3D sign of a company’s corporate brand or logo.


With Smash Design’s skill in design, 3D models, prototypes, and signage are all products of the services provided. Call us for a quote. Your event will truly stand out with our help. Your job is to simply dream up a design (or let us do that too), then we will certainly build it for you!

3D CAMP Houston!

3D CAMP Houston


As we have mentioned before through various blog posts, 3D technology is now used in all aspects of life. 3D print and design work have been featured in the medical field, fashion world, toy manufacturing, and much more. What better way to see the different applications of 3D technology than through a gathering of professionals, sharing their industry or company’s precious path to success? That’s where 3DCAMP Houston come in. 3D CAMP Houston is an organization that supports all things 3D. It acknowledges and highlights all the ways in which 3D technology has evolved.

The 3D CAMP organization is also hosting an art show, which shows off a wide array of 3D technology, with some works for sale. Highlights from last year’s art show include amazing 3D prints and renderings created using ZBrush, Maya, and Photoshop. This year is sure to exhibit more phenomenal artwork.

But on to the more fun stuff.

On the conference’s agenda are multiple sessions with industry leaders. Through various workshops and presentations, attendees can see first hand how 3D technology is applied in the world today. Some sessions are geared at students looking to improve their 3D renderings, while others are designed to inform how 3D is changing the world. Gaming enthusiasts will also be thrilled to know that software and gamer professionals will be at the conference as guest speakers as well.

So… when is this wonderful conference?

The conference is this Saturday, October 5th and will be hosted at the University of Houston’s College of Architecture. Smash Design’s Steven Ramirez will be at the conference as a guest speaker who specializes in “3D Set Design.” Look through Smash Design’s portfolio, and you too can see how 3D set design only scratches the surface of all the capabilities 3D technologies have.

Excited yet?

Hotel and large Venue Themed Environment adorned with 3d architectural embellishments.

Fun Themes and Props


There are many hotels that portray beautiful finishes and displays. In yesterday’s blog we discussed the elegance of various designs available at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. There are also other creative hotels such as the LEGOLAND California Resort. Our spotlight today shines on features that are similar to those in the very kid-friendly and kid-centered LEGOLAND Hotel.


LEGOLAND-muralWhen you arrive, a smoke breathing dragon, made out of LEGO pieces, greets you. There are LEGO walls and over 3,500 LEGO models. Murals and LEGO props are provided for guests to visually enjoy. Both serve as eye candy to enhance the experience of the thousands of visitors who walk in the lobby doors each year. (This, of course, is something Smash Design can happily do for any business.)


Another neat feature is a wall in the lobby covered with thousands of LEGO miniature models. A bicycle contraption moves left to right on the wall. The bike’s wheels are magnifying glasses, so visitors can see the many miniature models as the bicycle moves from side to side. (Can Smash create something like this? Yes!)


LEGOLAND-Murals-PropsOne main thing that draws our attention is the hotel room design. The hotel has over 250 hotel rooms and the resort offers rooms decked out in three separate themes: Pirate, Adventure, or Kingdom-themed rooms. If staying in the pirate themed room, the wooden floors are made to look like planks, with swords, gold coins, and starfish drawings scattered throughout. Walls have pirate-themed trims, pictures, props, or LEGO pieces hanging throughout. The rooms are all kid and adult friendly.


Does any of this sound like something you would like your business to look like? Themed rooms, props, murals, and sculptures are all things we are live and breathe here at Smash Design. It doesn’t need to be fancy and elegant like the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, though it can be. If your business is begging for some fun, innovative new designs, call us! We can transform your business.

Las Vegas Hotel Designs

Las Vegas Hotel Designs


Las Vegas: Sin City and the gambling capital of the world. Las Vegas: The entertainment capital of the world. And… ah yes, Las Vegas: the marriage capital of the world. Oftentimes, first time visitors tend to be awe-struck in the beginning by the architecture and design of the city. There are bright lights at night and beautiful hotels such as the Bellagio or Caesar’s Palace, which both offer visitors a luxurious and unique living experience.


How do Las Vegas hotels achieve such amazing design? Villas portray beautiful stucco walls and matchless trims. Rooms show off textured walls and faux finishes that could fool any expert. And then, there are the one-of-a-kind features of each hotel. Take for instance the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and it’s replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Paris Opera House, and the hallway at Versailles.


The accuracy of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel’s “Paris Experience” grants their visitors a distinctive and unparalleled encounter (That is, unless the visitors make it out to the real Paris locations!) Is this a benefit for the hotel to have such realistic displays? Of course it is. Many visitors, international or local, are drawn to the artistry of the hotel features.


So, if you had the opportunity to deliver the same unique experience to your consumers, would you? Smash Design has the experience and talent to replicate dazzling and radiant designs such as those you may see at the Las Vegas strip. If your company is considering incorporating designs you would see in Las Vegas, whether they be murals, faux finishes, sculptures, or more, we encourage you to seek out Smash Design for your project. We are the team that can make your dreams a reality! Give us a call today and let us make your dream hotel or business come to life.

Products Made Just for You

Products Made Just for You


You dream it. We build it. That’s our motto here at Smash Design. The word “impossible” does not exist around here.

Foam items are needed here at Smash on a daily basis. Whether we are working on themed environments, architectural shapes, set designs, monuments, sculptures, 3D prints, or faux rocks, we use foam to meet the needs of each project.

Architectural shapes, such as crown molding, arches, columns, and bases are all part of what we create for clients.  Set designs alone may require the need for this or any other foam displays as well. Custom creations can include props such as stars, bases, geometrical shapes, hearts, snowflakes, guitars, mascots, your family or company name, and more. Not only are these great props for stage or set design, they are also ideal for ballroom dances, special events, and for use in a special photography session.

These foam products can be hard coated as hardshell or basecoat with mesh.

Along with foam projects, we also offer conventional stucco services and EIFS, as we discussed in yesterday’s blog. If you need any of these, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call us!



  • Basecoats
    • Vise Adhesive (Portland required)
    • Dry Bond Adhesive
    • Styrofoam Adhesive
  • Adhesive
    • Styrobond Adhesive
    • EPS Adhesive
  • Mesh
    • Standard Mesh
    • Starter Mesh
    • Detail Mesh
    • Detail Mesh w/Adhesive
    • Heavy Duty Mesh
  • Finishes
    • Accent Sand
    • Course Sand
  • Sealers
    • Heavy Duty Sealer
  • Foam
    • 3/4″ x 24″ x 48″ EPS board
    • 1″ x 24″ x 48″ EPS board
    • 1 1/2″ x 24″ x 48″ EPS board
    • 2″ x 24″ x 48″ EPS board
    • 3″ x 24″ x 48″ EPS board
  • Miscellaneous Material
    • Washers
    • Portland Cement
    • Masonry Cement
    • #3 Sand
    • Torpedo Sand
  • Molding
    • Available in 4′ and 8′ sections
  • Columns
    • Available in different styles and shapes.


  • Lath
    • 2.5 Galv. Flat
    • 2.5 Galv. Paper Back
    • 2.5 Galv. Self Furring
    • 3.4 Galv. Flat
    • 3.4 Galv. Paper Back
    • 3.4 Galv. Self Furring
  • Corner Beads
    • 1 X Galv.
    • 1 X Zinc
    • 2 X Galv.
    • 2 X Zinc
  • Plaster Stop
    • #66 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ Galv.
    • #66 1″ Casing Bead Galv.
    • #66 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ Zinc
  • Control Joints
    • 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4
  • Expansion Joints
    • 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4
  • SandPortland Cement
    • #3 (Bag)
    • Torpedo Sand (Yard)
  • Masonry Cement
  • FinishesHoppers
    • Accent Sand
    • Course Sand
  • Hand Tools

EIFS and EPS Foam Molding

EIFS and EPS Foam Molding


Is your company or home in need of luxurious and beautiful trims, columns, brick, or stone moldings? Consider the use of EIFS or EPS foam moldings for your needs.

Exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) is commonly used on the exterior walls of a building. It provides waterproof surfaces and will also insulate the surfaces. Some may refer to it as “synthetic stucco” molding, though it is not actually a stucco material. EIFS is airy, has foam plastic padding, and thin synthetic coatings. It has been applied to the exteriors of various commercial buildings, rendering a gorgeous and clean, sophisticated finish.

Are you questioning whether you have seen this exterior finish before? Next time you pull into a Krispy Kreme or Cheesecake Factory, take a look at their polished front entrance. Or, perhaps drive down the million dollar neighborhoods and take a glimpse at the exterior of homes there. Ever notice how smooth and perfect their outdoor walls seem? Amazing, we know.

EPS foam is a different material that produces beautiful work as well. EPS foam can be cut into any shape, which makes it the perfect material to use when designing custom frames or trims. It is also extremely lightweight. Once it has been hard-coated and painted, the EPS foam renders a beautiful finished product.

Note: Not only can these elegant items be created with EPS foam. A 3D CNC can easily cut out any designs. The router produces pieces that, when put together, create any shape needed- elephants, lions, cars, baseball bats, or trees- the possibilities are endless with EPS foam.

So, if you are a business owner looking for the kind of remodeling that will take your customers’ eyes off of your competitor…or if you are one of those classy neighbors in the gorgeous million dollar homes, looking for a way to complete your dream home… Then call us. We can do anything and everything.


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