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3D Printing is Great for Business

3D Printing- Great for Business!

3D printing for small business is a great investment. In previous posts, we have mentioned that 3D printing gives businesses the chance to print prototypes and save money doing so. Flaws and mistakes can be corrected with the use of prototyping, allowing companies to have more flexibility with budgeting.

Another fantastic use of 3D printing technology is in small-scale production. For example, the medical industry can use 3D printing to print custom medical devices, casts, and corrective equipment. This is less expensive than the traditional method of getting casts made, which could take three to four days.

A third reason why 3D printing is good for business is because 3D prints add price points. New parents are familiar with 3D and 4D ultrasound photos, but are they familiar with 3D prints of their babies? Perhaps not. High-end 3D prints of babies are making a debut in China, where researchers from the Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology infuse hydrogel with cells to create a fetus print. This is an innovative way to create a memento for new parents.

Product development is the fourth reason why businesses can benefit from 3D printing. Entrepreneurs across the globe have several ideas that never make it past paper due to high cost in production. However, 3D printers can be used to print first draft versions of products such as phone cases and baby plastic ware.

Another reason we love 3D printing- experimentation and innovative designs. Inventors and businesses with ideas bursting form paper to print can benefit by printing their experiments first before investing in mass production. Why not print a sample?

We talk a lot about 3D prints here at Smash Design, and how could we not? With so much potential and so many advantages in using 3D printing, it is no wonder that we love talking about it!

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