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  • theme park design


  • 3d foam prop

    From design to installation, we offer complete theming services. Restaurants, children's environments, waiting rooms, playscapes, malls, churches.

  • foam prop statue

    Events and Display props

  • themed environments

    We build sets, scenery and props for theatrical venues, concerts,and movies sets. We have Hollywood experience building for major motion pictures.

  • props

    We Create 3d foam props from 3d models with state of the art CNC technology.

  • foam props

    We design, engineer and fabricate custom 3 dimensional signage and props for billboards, store facades, landmark signs, and character signs.

What We Do

Smash Design transforms your ideas into reality. If you are having trouble coming up with an idea, no problem! Our team of creative minds are constantly designing for you.

We will work with you from the time of the initial consultation to the moment we hand you your individualized product. We smash out your incredible, one-of-a-kind design by using the most current software in technology and state of the art hardware, such as EPS foam, metal work, and CNC routers.

You Dream It
We Build It

Foam Props

For movies, TV shows, exhibits, trade shows, special events, parties and more.

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Themed Environments

Trade show and retail displays, custom 3D characters and more.

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3D Characters

Custom foam, wood, plastic, and cardboard letters and numbers. There is no limit to what we can make!

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Stage & Set Design

Complete stage sets, scenery and props for theatrical venues, concerts, movie sets and more.

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There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. -- Milton Glaser

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